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Alan McKendree amck at thenetdr.com
Fri May 30 12:06:13 CDT 2008

>  >/Favorite Who Boots: 1989 Radio City Music Hall, NYC/ Austin Texas 
>/>/(same tour), 1975 Houston /Check that. The Who only played Austin 
>once in their career: July 3, 1980. You might be thinking of the 
>Cotton Bowl show in Dallas -- the last show of the tour -- which was 
>broadcast on Westwood One (and thus widely booted), Sep 3 1989.
>I will yield to your greater knowledge of this subject.  I was 
>thrown off by the banter before
>Hey Joe when Pete was rattling off the artists they signed to Track 
>Records.   He mentioned
>some guy....can't remember who it was that "....now lives here in 
>Austin."    So it was
>probably a Texas reference instead of just an Austin reference.
>Thanks for clearing that up.

Well, this is a puzzle.  But it might make sense if Pete's thinking 
of "here" as meaning "here, in the States" or more likely "here, in 
Texas", which I can see him doing.  If you're sure it's a 1989 show, 
can you verify that it's a Westwood One broadcast?  I'm trying to 
remember identifying characteristics of the Dallas show and, as Scott 
mentioned, there was a spate of banter about John, who the guys 
referred to as "Big Johnny Twinkle", then "Thunderfingers" -- finally 
Pete, always one for a topper, finished it off with "Big Dick 
Entwistle, that's the best one, innit?" and John finally steps up to 
the mike and says, "I like that one."  If that's in there it pretty 
much has to be Dallas.  Another unique banter moment, if it's there, 
is after the show but (possibly?) before the encore, when Pete's 
thanking everyone in sight, and eventually mentions the roadies, who 
"don't make shit <dramatic pause to let that sink in> because we're a 
bunch of mean fucks", which caused the Westwood DJ's to laughingly 
intercede and cut to a commercial.  Nowadays, of course, the FCC 
would fine Westwood into bankruptcy if that went out so it would all 
be on a delay and we'd never have heard it :-(.

And he's almost certainly talking about Arthur Brown (The Crazy World 
of...), who if memory serves was signed to Track and did indeed live 
in Austin around that time period (1989).  I saw him in Austin, 
without realizing who he was, in 1994 at a poster-signing held by Tom 

"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."
     --Pete Townshend, 1967

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