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Fri May 30 11:24:07 CDT 2008

>Joe Lewinski
>who favorites
>Good idea Ernie,

Yeah, it's been a while....a long while...

First Who song that got my attention:
Pinball Wizard....the Elton John version!  I actually didn't like The Who then (1974) because they were too "hard."
But, then finally.....My Generation.

Favorite Who Albums:
Quadrophenia.  'The Rock' still gives me chills every time I listen.
SellOut....in that order

Favorite Who Solos:
Empty Glass

Favorite Who Boots:
Filmore East.

Favorite Who Gigs:
Landover 1996 (Quad tour, Camden 2000, Hershey Park - 2002, Virgin+ Festival 2006

Favorite Who Lyric:
"I got it all here in my head.  There's nothing more needs to be said."
And..."Playing so Free like a Breath Rippling By......"

Favorite Who Quote:
     >>"Why don't you get *on* with it and shut the 4uck up"  - Roger at
>>Mansfield to our own Billy - Magik!

I'll add to that!
"You wouldn't know heart if it crawled up your arse.  With custard, you wouldn't know heart!" <might not have that completely accurate>
Again at Mansfield (2004?) to our own Billy - Magik!

Camden 2000 - Roger in response to a fan repeatedly shouting "I'm a Boy!" to the point that Pete tried to throw his mic stand at the guy..."You look more like a girl, to me."

Kevin in VT

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