who favorites

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Thu May 29 13:55:25 CDT 2008

Good idea Ernie,

Here's mine:

{new category) First Who song that got my attention:   Pinball Wizard

Favorite Who Albums:  Endless Wire...no no... kidding...   Quadrophenia, 
Sell Out, Who's Next

Favorite Who Solos:  Empty Glass, Psychoderelict, Pete Live @ the 
Filmore (not technically a boot)

Favorite Who Boots:  1989 Radio City Music Hall, NYC/ Austin Texas (same 
tour), 1975 Houston

Favorite Who Gigs:  2006 MSG first night, 2000 Camden, 1989 Philly

Favorite Who Lyric:  "Our love was soaring, like a summer morning 
{deng-deng, deng-deng, deng-deng, deng, da-da, deng-da-da-deng-deng, deng }"

Favorite Who Quote:  "4uck off my 4ucking stage..." - Pete at Woodstock 
to Abby Hoffman  and
     "Why don't you get *on* with it and shut the 4uck up"  - Roger at 
Mansfield to our own Billy - Magik!

Joe in Philly

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