who rock honours band speculation

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Thu May 22 13:07:33 CDT 2008


I wonder whether Roger and Pete will both make it to this event.

It seems like Pete might be overdue for one of his *doubtful moments*
where he feels unworthy of such attention.   

I hope I'm wrong and "all shall be well".

Anywho, Mrs. Joe in Philly was on a Home and Garden tour yesterday and
visited a beautiful manor home that contained points of interest to members
of this list, including:  A guitar collection (over 23 - some 
autographed).  An
enlarged and autographed Pete Townshend Lifehouse Elements poster framed
and on prominent display.    This Who freak is only about 6 miles from where
I live.  I have a framed Lifehouse Elements poster and a much, much 
smaller guitar
collection scattered about.  Besides that, we live near each other, so 
we have
common ground as common ground as it were.  How come I don't know this
guy?    If you're on this list and live in the Blue Bell area, show 
yourself..... or
email me privately.    Who are you?

Joe in Philly

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