HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE !! (plus a correction)

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Joey ramone too! : )

and here are some other interesting birthdays that fall on this date: 
rachel appleton, kevin garnett, kyle eastwood, grace Jones, andre the giant, 
nora ephron, James fox, malcolm X, ho chi minh, peter mayhew, Jason 
gray-stanford, maile flanagan, sean whalen, eric lloyd, christian galvez, nils post, 
Jessica fox, drew fuller, sophia crawford

by the way, I think I mistyped when I said "wishful thinking like me with 
pearl Jam", making it sound like I don't know if pearl Jam are who fans or not. I 
think we all know how huge their fandom is, especially eddie. 
see, sometimes I say something when I want it to mean it a certain way but it 
comes out differently. at the same time, I'm very cautious at how I choose my 
words and if I make a mistake, I want it known that I'm aware of it.  and I 
think I just did it again. 

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