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Mon May 19 15:05:27 CDT 2008

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> Jet (Long Live Rock, My Generation)
> Rooney (The Kids Are Alright)
> Hanson (Squeeze Box)
> Amy Winehouse (Magic Bus)
> Tina Turner (Acid Queen)
> Elton John (Pinball Wizard)
> Eric Clapton (Eyesight to the Blind)
> Jordis Unga (Baba O'Riley)
> The Scorpions (I Can't Explain)
> Lisa Loeb (Behind Blue Eyes)
> The Pretenders (A Legal Matter)

well, Jet I can see. elton, tina, and clapton, I don't think VH1 could afford 
them anymore. ha.  hanson? pha-leeze!!   amy winehouse can't get into the US 
I hear due to her legal problems and such ("back to black" is a masterpiece by 
the way. finally heard it recently). 

are these acts known who fans or it's just wishful thinking like me with 
pearl Jam? ha. 

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