I'm sorry, everyone

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Subject: I'm sorry, everyone
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I clearly freaked out the fans at Odds & Sods mailing list with my anger & frustration, and I never meant to cause any harm. I never should've vented my frustration publicly, because now everyone thinks it's creepy. 

I unsubscribed from O&S mailing list over my humiliation and may never return. I hope I didn't cause you to think less of me here as well. :-(

My Aspergian brain perceives things differently than others. To me, celebs randomly posing together means one of 3 things:

-They're good friends
-They're promoting a strictly business relationship
-They're an item

Or perhaps I've been reading too many tabloids or watching too much Entertainment Tonight. 

www.anne.org (Asperger's Association of New England)

I might unsubscribe from here, too, having humiliated myself. I'm not married to Roger, nor do I own him. It really shouldn't matter to me who he's friends with. I'm very sorry for any misunderstandings. I'll miss you all. Goodbye,


Don't go!

It's OK, Sara! You are so cute and very sweet.

We all have our *moments*  (cough cough cough). oi... I've had my share of 'em, that's for sure.
I tend to get a bit carried away at times TOO...
But, isn't it great to be passionate about someone/something rather than being a lump on a log/stick in the mud, etc?

We all love you! (and that includes Rog too!) 


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