I'm sorry, everyone

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Thu May 15 13:50:10 CDT 2008

>I'm sorry, everyone
>I clearly freaked out the fans at Odds & Sods mailing list

Are you sure about that?
I think that crew has seen just about everything.

>with my anger & frustration,

Nope, they've never seen *that* before (or us).

>and I never meant to cause any harm.

Not even in question.

>I never should've vented my frustration publicly, because now everyone thinks it's creepy.

I disagree on both counts.

>I unsubscribed from O&S mailing list over my humiliation and may never return. I hope I didn't cause you to think less of >me here as well. :-(

I haven't been on O&S in years, so I don't know what happened.
But, I have a good sense of 'Who you are.'

>I might unsubscribe from here, too, having humiliated myself. I'm not married to Roger, nor do I own him. It really
>shouldn't matter to me who he's friends with. I'm very sorry for any misunderstandings. I'll miss you all. Goodbye,

Ernie walked into this room and dropped his pants in front of everyone.
If Ernie can stay.....so can you.

You make me laugh.
There's not enough of that in the world.

Looking forward to your next post...

Kevin in VT

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