I'm sorry, everyone

Honeybee28 at comcast.net Honeybee28 at comcast.net
Wed May 14 08:11:22 CDT 2008

I clearly freaked out the fans at Odds & Sods mailing list with my anger & frustration, and I never meant to cause any harm. I never should've vented my frustration publicly, because now everyone thinks it's creepy. 

I unsubscribed from O&S mailing list over my humiliation and may never return. I hope I didn't cause you to think less of me here as well. :-(

My Aspergian brain perceives things differently than others. To me, celebs randomly posing together means one of 3 things:

-They're good friends
-They're promoting a strictly business relationship
-They're an item

Or perhaps I've been reading too many tabloids or watching too much Entertainment Tonight. 

www.anne.org (Asperger's Association of New England)

I might unsubscribe from here, too, having humiliated myself. I'm not married to Roger, nor do I own him. It really shouldn't matter to me who he's friends with. I'm very sorry for any misunderstandings. I'll miss you all. Goodbye,


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