Roger's vocal peak

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I would say that from Live at Leeds (1970) through the Kids Are Alright 
recordings (1978), Roger was untouchable for a good 8 solid years. Compare 
this to Plant, whose peak seemed only to last from 1969 to 1971.

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>> "Well, if we accept the fact that his voice has been changing through his
>> entire career, then there had to be a point where it peaked.  Who's Next 
>> &
>> the '71 tour was clearly a step up from 1970 for Roger.  Quadrophenia is
>> just about right at that same level and nothing after that quite measures
>> up.  Maybe it's been going downhill ever since it cracked singing Dr.
>> Jimmy!"
> A better place to check is Daltrey's solo albums, where he seemed to 
> choose
> songs to show off his abilities and vocal range.  One of the Boys circa 
> 1977
> is certainly the peak.
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