Roger's vocal peak

sroundtable at sroundtable at
Sun May 11 20:30:58 CDT 2008

"Well, if we accept the fact that his voice has been changing through his 
entire career, then there had to be a point where it peaked.  Who's Next & 
the '71 tour was clearly a step up from 1970 for Roger.  Quadrophenia is 
just about right at that same level and nothing after that quite measures 
up.  Maybe it's been going downhill ever since it cracked singing Dr. Jimmy!"

I think that Roger's voice was clearly at it's peak in 1977-78.  Just listen 
to the Shepperton Baba and WGFA.  Voice sounds WAY better than even the studio 
versions.  The big high notes in Baba, "...fight FOR my meals" and "...get my 
BACK into my living" are clearer, less strained and more powerful than on WN.

The scream in WGFA was also superior because there was no falsetto to it.  Roger

just nailed the note straight up.


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