big who reference on "don't forget the lyrics"

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon May 5 19:59:37 CDT 2008

> I always sing "I fight for my meals."  However, the next line is "I don't
> need to fight; to prove I'm right."  You wouldn't expect the same word
> repeated like that.  

There was another Who song I was listening to recently where a word
was repeated rather carelessly in a stanza but I can't remember which
song it was.  Was it a Who song?  Maybe it was a Doors song.  I've
been listening to a lot of Doors lately.

(Quick Doors side-note:  The new CD LIVE IN PITTSBURGH 1970
is really good.  Much better than that Boston show.  Morrison gives a
great performance.  And the new Classic Albums DVD covering their
first album is also good.  Both are available at retail stores or from the
Doors' official website.)

> Plus, listen to how differently Roger sings the words.  Maybe it *is* 
> "farm"!!!  

Makes sense but we couldn't have been wrong all these years.  The lyrics
in the giant book in Pete's 6-CD LIFEHOUSE release from 1999 uses
the word "fight" twice:  In "Teenage Wasteland" & "Baba O'Riley."  "I
fight for my meals."

However, the book also includes the synopsis of LIFEHOUSE as it was
supposedly presented to the Who back in 1971.  (1970?)  The first
sentence reads:

"A self-sufficient drop-out family group farming in a remote part of Scot-
land decide to return South to investigate rumours of a subversive con-
cert event...."

OK, how about when Daltrey sings in WGFA (what sounds like to me):
"'Cause the banners they all flown in the last war."  I guess he's employing
some syllable-shortening poetic license.  The LIFEHOUSE booklet has,
"'Cause the banner they all were flown in the last war."

- SCHRADE in Akron

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