big who reference on "don't forget the lyrics"

Jim M Nakedi at
Mon May 5 16:24:19 CDT 2008

------------------------From: "Scott Schrade"

> Listen, I love me some Roger Daltrey, but his voice is no
> where near what it used to be.  Hell, it wasn't in '79 & '82!

Well, if we accept the fact that his voice has been changing through his 
entire career, then there had to be a point where it peaked.  Who's Next & 
the '71 tour was clearly a step up from 1970 for Roger.  Quadrophenia is 
just about right at that same level and nothing after that quite measures 
up.  Maybe it's been going downhill ever since it cracked singing Dr. Jimmy!

I was just comparing a bunch of Baba boots, trying to see if I could hear 
'fight', 'fought' or 'farm' and there are some pretty rough patches (e.g., 
Shoreline 2000).  But then, more recently, I think he's learned to adjust to 
his limitations better.  In 2000 he was still trying to sing like he did at 
30 years old.  In the last couple of years he's adjusted the way he sings 
some things and I think it comes across a lot better (apart from when he's 
suffering from bronchitis).

> I can't play basketball like I could when I was 20.  (Go, Cavs!)

Please direct your thoughts on this matter to this fine website!...

> He needs to keep *Pete* going, is what he needs to do!

He needs to keep T-Bone Burnette going!  If I thought that album was 
actually going to happen, I'd actually be kinda psyched.

Jim M 

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