big who reference on "don't forget the lyrics"

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon May 5 16:00:23 CDT 2008

> Care to comment about this latest Roger quote? ;-)
> "My voice is better than ever. I've got more control 
> with it and I can do more things," he says, entirely 
> untroubled by self-doubt.

If by "better than ever" he means not hitting the high notes,
straining & struggling at times, crapping out after getting a
whiff of weed, & constantly catching colds & infections while
on tour....then, yeah, he's right.

Listen, I love me some Roger Daltrey, but his voice is no
where near what it used to be.  Hell, it wasn't in '79 & '82!
I admire his "positive thinking" approach but the facts prove
otherwise.  He's even admitted to using hypnotism as a way
to overcome stage fright.

Some days his voice is OK; other days it's pretty rough.
Whatever.  I can't play basketball like I could when I was
20.  (Go, Cavs!)

> Or this one....oh denunciator of The Who and taker-awayer 
> of all of our fun!  
> Well....ANY COMMENTS!@!  HUH????  Got any!??  
> Yes, you!
> "At my age I can start to do things on my terms. I need to 
> keep going."

He needs to keep *Pete* going, is what he needs to do!

- SCHRADE in Akron

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