big who reference on "don't forget the lyrics"

Jim M nakedi at
Mon May 5 12:55:21 CDT 2008

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> > I'm sure we all agree that the lyrics are, "I FIGHT for my meals"
> > because the show had "I FARM for my meals".
> Well, I always thought it was, "I *fought* for my meals."  At least
> that's the way Daltrey always sings it.  Maybe that led to the "farm"
> confusion.

I always sing "I fight for my meals."  However, the next line is "I don't
need to fight; to prove I'm right."  You wouldn't expect the same word
repeated like that.  Plus, listen to how differently Roger sings the words.
Maybe it *is* "farm"!!!  "I farm for my meals; I get my back into my
living."  It makes sense.

Listening to Pete's demo right now and it's not much help.

Jim M

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