big who reference on "don't forget the lyrics"

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Mon May 5 12:41:31 CDT 2008

>Scott Schrade
>big who reference on "don't forget the lyrics"
>And it's "Don't *braise" your eye...."  As in browning meat or veget-
>ables in fat & simmering in a covered pan with a little water.  At least
>that's the way Pete always sings it.

Probably some "old English" spelling or pronunciation.  ;-)

Care to comment about this latest Roger quote? ;-)

"My voice is better than ever. I've got more
control with it and I can do more things," he says, entirely untroubled by

Or this one....oh denunciator of The Who and taker-awayer of all of our fun!
Well....ANY COMMENTS!@!  HUH????  Got any!??  Yes, you!

"At my age I can start to do things on my terms. I need to keep

Kevin in VT

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