big who reference on "don't forget the lyrics"

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"I FARM for my meals". 
LOL! That's hilarious! 
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forgot  to mention this last week.  there was a who category on the game show 
"don't forget the lyrics". bret michaels from "rock of Love" (oh yeah, he  
in a band called poison too..) was playing for charity and finally  chose the 
who category when there were three out of nine categories left.  he had a 
between BOR and MG. he chose the former.  and by the  way, I'm sure we all 
agree that the lyrics are, "I FIGHT for my meals"  because the show had "I 
for my meals". talk about "don't forget the  lyrics"...   

anyway, after using a "lifeline" in which he  filled in two blanks, he 
locked in "don't cry, don't raise your  eye, it's only teenage wasteland" and 
won some extra cash.  

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