Is Pete Clueless?

Jim M nakedi at
Thu May 1 21:53:21 CDT 2008

--------------------------------------------------From: "Scott Schrade"
> I *hope* he's finishing his autobiography.  If he never writes another
> song again I won't be upset.  ENDLESS WIRE was 85% shite.  Sorry
> to be so crass but I'm kinda in the Ernie camp:  Maybe it's time for
> The Who to pack it in.

I still love Endless Wire and had a great time at the shows last year.  I 
thought they were still playing great.  Having said that, if they hang it up 
now, I'm fine with that.  I wanted to hear new music, and I got it.  If they 
had stopped before the last album & tour I'd have felt like something was 
unfinished, but I won't now.

However, if they do carry on, I'm good with that, too.  I'll be right on 
board.  It's a strange thing for a Who fan; I feel *content*!

Jim M 

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