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00:30  -  20 March 2008   			       				                          			 		 		         				 				   				 				
                   					    					    					     					                              						                             Rockers beware -  the Mods are coming en masse to Littledean Jail.       

Lambretta and Vespa scooters take pride of place as the Crime Through Time Museum launches its Quadrophenia exhibition today.

The star attraction is the original customised mirror-endowed Vespa scooter ridden by Ace Face, who was played by rock god Sting, in the classic 1979 film.

 						 							 							 							 The other is a Lambretta Li 125 Series 3, which was ridden by a young Phil Daniels who played the film's central character Jimmy. It is a lovingly-built replica using parts from the original scooter.

Daniels, who starred in the 1970s film Scum and later EastEnders until last year, said in a handwritten letter to curator Andy Jones: "We in the film are all delighted - a shrine to Mods and rockers alike."

The film's director Franc Roddam added: "This is the best collection of Quadrophenia memorabilia I have ever seen."

Other exhibits include signed film stills with references to the Forest of Dean, police helmets worn in the clashes between mods and rockers, clothing worn by the cast and the film script.

Andy bought the unique collection last November from Gloucester scooter enthusiast and diehard Quadrophenia fan  Dave Wyburn.

While it looks in pristine condition now, the Holy Grail of scooters was in a sorry state four years ago.

"I found the Vespa in a shed in Staffordshire by accident," said Dave.

"I'd gone there to buy an original film script and the guy said there was a pile of junk round the back, and there it was. It wasn't in very good condition, but I had it confirmed that it was the original from the film.

"Several thousand pounds on, the bike is back to its best. This is a priceless collection."

Andy was up against rock brothers  Noel and Liam Gallagher from rock and the Hard Rock Cafe when he bid for the collection.

He said: "The seller wanted it  to stay in a   Gloucestershire base."

The collection will take to the road next winter to tie in with the 30th anniversary of the release of the film. Andy hopes it will eventually find a home in Brighton, where the film was shot. 

-Brian in Atlanta
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