Pinball Wizard on "bed-pan-dolin"

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Tue Mar 18 06:04:03 CDT 2008

>From AntiMusic:

Back porch-modern jug band The LooseAcoustic Trio announced today that their sophomore CD, Sorrow Be Gone,will be released by Big Book Records, distributed via BurnsideDistribution, on May 20, 2008.
The Loose Acoustic Trio proudlyhail from Sacramento, CA., an island of Middle America in the far outwest. Wielding accordion, upright bass, guit-jo, bedpandolin (you heardright), and tight three part harmonies, the Trio are as challenging asany upstart punk or new folk outfit. LAT have honed their defiantly allacoustic, truly unplugged sound outdoors under the hot San JoaquinValley sun, serenading farmer's markets, festivals, and fairs—andoccasionally ducking indoors for college coffeehouses and their bigconcert appearances at The Palms Playhouse theater in rural Winters,CA. The Loose Acoustic Trio thrives on the margins, like the best ofmodern Americana.

Sorrow Be Gone,
the band's second release, is spearheaded by a grin-inducing
interpretation of The Who's classic rock cornerstone "Pinball Wizard,"
which will likely focus 15 minutes worth of attention on the band.
Which is hopefully enough time for the band's thoughtful original songs
to sink in. 

-Brian in Atlanta
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