R.I.P. Buddy Miles + Mike Smith

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I saw Buddy Miles and his band (The Buddy Miles Express ???) around 1974 at Clemson University.  He was on equal billing with Uriah Heep and Deep Purple.  Strange combination.  I was into hard rock and loved Uriah Heep and Deep Purple, my roommate was into R&B and loved Buddy Miles but hated UH and DP.  I've always wondered what the promoters were thinking mixing those two genres together.  Maybe they thought Buddy would play Hendrix stuff, which was closer to UH and DP.  He didn't though, as best I can remember.

I was very sad to hear of Mike Smith's passing.  It was bittersweet since it happened just before the D were inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame.  The DC5 were my first "favorite band" when I was a kid, and Dave Clark was my inspiration to become a drummer.  The DC5's popularity only lasted until about 1967, after which they faded in the US and the new releases became few and far between.  I then got into The Who and Keith Moon.  But I still liked the DC5 even though it wasn't so cool to be into them as time passed, and I always thought Mike Smith had a great singing voice.  May he rest in peace as well.
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lest we forget mike smith from the dave clark five who passed on around the 
same time buddy did. 

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