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>From The Worcester News:

Stars of cult film reunite, thanks to memorabilia man
By Lauren Rogers

STARS of cult classic film Quadrophenia will be reunited thanks to a Worcester         businessman.

 Tim Evans, who owns movie memorabilia store Videodrome, Broad Street, Worcester, is organising a major convention to celebrate the much-loved 1979 movie about Mods.

 Target 30, being held in Brighton on Saturday, April 5, and Sunday, April 6, will bring together original cast members including Phil Daniels and Toyah Wilcox and give fans the chance to buy commemorative memorabilia.

 "I got into the film in the early 80s when I saw about 13," said Mr Evans.

 "I used to hire it from the video store every weekend. It was the first film I ever bought so it has always had a special place in my heart really."

 Mr Evans was inspired to hold the convention after he organised a cast reunion at Earls Court, London last year.

"It's going really well and we've just moved to a bigger venue overlooking the old pier, which is a location in the film," said Mr Evans.

 "We've got people from America, Germany and all over the UK coming down."

 Quadrophenia, which also starred Sting, Ray Winstone, Leslie Ash, Mark Wingett, Phil Davies, Garry Cooper and Trevor Laird, kick-started a Mod revival.

 Thousands of inpressionable teenagers, including Worcester historian Dilip Sarkar, were influenced.

 Mr Sarkar, an A-level student in Worcester at the time, jumped at the chance to take part in Target 30.

 "My job is to act as Master of Ceremonies all weekend, doing, among other things, an on-stage, Parkinson-style chat with members of the cast," he said.

 "I am also researching a book called Quadrophenia Revisited, for release at a future convention." On the Saturday night, there will be a gala dinner and a one-off auction. There will also be special screenings of Quadrophenia at the Duke of York Cinema, Brighton.

 One of the aims is to gather support for next year's convention that will mark the film's 30th anniversary.

 For more information - including how to buy tickets, visit www.quadrophenia.biz or call Mr Evans on 01905 745301.
-Brian in Atlanta
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