Roger on UK tv tomorrow night

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Wed Mar 5 13:24:01 CST 2008

> Roger will be appearing on The One show, at 1900 tomorrow night

Half way through the show: LOADS of Roger so far.  He's sat on the sofa, with the presenters, talking about all the different features.  So far he's been on several times, rather than just one five-minute interview.

So far, he's discussed fighting, CCTV cameras, hoodies, the demise of Polaroid, and TCT.   And - prepare yourself - they've shown an old photo of Roger wearing just white shorts.  You may faint.

There's been a few clips of the Who playing live too.  MG, B'OR.

I'll try and edit this down and upload it later.

I've already created a shared Who directory at:

I've stuck a few MP3s in there already to prove it all works.


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