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Martin Bailey mbailey at
Wed Mar 5 04:09:30 CST 2008

Lowgens02 at quoted Pete blathering on about a load rubbish, in the middle of which was this:

> Our recording schedule  has been pushed back to the middle of September, or later. 
> For once this has  nothing to do with my songwriting output, as we are not recording my 
> songs, nor  am I producing the record. Now you skeptics (we Brits say sceptic by 
> the way,  which is close to septic, isn't it?) can see what happens when The 
> Who are  completely freed from the evil clutches of Pete Townshend, jealous 
> guardian of  the ...... I am trying to think of what I jealousy guard and it 
> turns out I  jealousy guard my craft. Good idea I think.

Hmmmm.... a new Who album that isn't written by Pete...?

As I see it, this could only mean one of 5 things:

1. Roger's writing the next album.  Pete stated earlier that Roger was having ideas for the next album.  This would be interesting, but probably not that great.  Would possibly just sound like a Roger solo album with Pete playing guest guitar.

2. They're recording an album of covers.  Everyone's doing it nowadays (Rush, Patti Smith, etc.)  Could be good.  I'm sure that the list of songs they would pick would be fascinating.

3.  They're recording old, previously unreleased material written by Pete.  Could be good.  But a bit like "leftovers".

4.  They're re-recording old Who songs, breathing new life into them.  Eg: acoustic versions of A Quick One, and other rarities.  I would love this.  Last year, Roger stated that they were considering ways of playing the old much-loved rarer songs again, as they knew fans were disappointed that they were weren't playing these songs live.

5. They're recording an album written by Rachel.  Pete talks later about how she's writing good powerful songs at the moment.  Fans will hate this.  I would be open minded, but probably, ultimately, disappointed.


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