Whotabs latest updates for March 1

litgo at aol.com litgo at aol.com
Sat Mar 1 08:15:19 CST 2008

Here are the latest updates at Whotabs, for March 1:

General site cleanup, including: correcting typos, fixing layouts and 
rearranging some pages, fixing broken and out-of-date links, cleaning 
up the code.

Gear updates:

Pete's gear:
           - Miscellaneous guitars: 1965 Gibson Firebird XII ~ updated 
whereabouts of this guitar, thanks to Aiden.
          - Fender Pro "head" ~Revision
           - Fylde Ariel ~new detail page on this small-bodied acoustic 
           - Collings Guitars ~new detail page on the acoustic guitars 
Pete has used on stage and in the studio in recent years.
           - Pete's Signature Series ~ added EMS VCS3 ad, ca. 1971, 
courtesy wdkeller.com.
           - Fender Jazzmasters ~new detail page on this stage-used 
guitar model.
           - Big Muff Pi pedal ~ new detail page on this stage- and 
studio-used guitar fuzz pedal in 1976-78.
           - Smashed guitars ~ added smashed guitars for 23 December 
1973 and 14 December 1975, thanks to Chris.

John's gear:
           - John's basses: Strings, Picks & Action – Picks ~ added 
photo of Mann'ys and Herco picks of John's, thanks to Terry at Who's 

PA and foldback:
          o Various updates.

You can see it all at Whotabs, at http://www.thewho.net/whotabs/



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