[Oddsandsods] The Who (Finally!) Comes To 'Rock Band'

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I'll be downloading this one for sure.
There's an article in the August issue of Modern Drummer magazine about how playing Rock Band helps drumming students even though the game doesn't display musical notes.  Just having to look ahead and anticipate what's coming next helps improve drum students' sight-reading capabilities.  The author, a drum instructor, saw it in his own students, and my own daughter's drum instructor says he has seen it in her too.

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The Who (Finally!) Comes To 'Rock Band'
Posted by Stephen Johnson

Yahoo has the scoop on some choice upcoming downloadable content for Rock Band. On July 15th, a slate of songs by seminal, legendary rock band The Who are dropping. It's not the entirety of Who's Next (the master tracks for that album are missing) but it is the next best thing: Twelve tracks are coming, all master tracks, that range from "My Generation" to "Who Are You" and that means hours(?) of impossible drum parts and Pete Townsend style guitar windmills.

So if you're playing Rock Band on the PS3 or 360 you'll be able to download away on July 15th. (Sorry Wii and PS2 users; you'll have to content yourself with the song packs coming out on the 15th that have no Who material.) PS The tracks will be available for $1.99 individually or $19.99 together. The special release coincides with the upcoming "VH1 Rock Honors" ceremony commemorating The Who.

-Brian in Atlanta
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