And each championship ends with The Who...

Jim M nakedi at
Thu Jun 19 15:43:13 CDT 2008

-----------------From: "O'Neal, Kevin W."

> Marketers use The Who's music for a reason.  We like it.  We want it.  We 
> can't get enough of it.
> And, in turn, it helps fuel The Who's lasting popularity, regardless the 
> level that said popularity may currently be in.
> CD sales is not the only measure of a bands success, to paraphrase your 
> own words used some time ago.

This morning I found myself in Boston's Back Bay, along with a few hundred 
thousand other folks, watching the Boston Celtics Championship Parade.  I 
was checking out all the t-shirts, seeing if I could spot a shirt for every 
player on the team.  It was a sea of green as far as the eye could see. 
Then, out of the corner of my eye, I catch something else.  Something 
different, yet familiar.  I look over and it's a young lad wearing a Maximum 
R&B Pete Windmill shirt!  I think, that's awesome and call the person I know 
who would appreciate this the most, Joe in Philly.  At least I think I 
talked to Joe, it was so loud there I could hardly hear what he was saying. 
Then, as soon as I hung up, the parade came by us.  And, wouldn't you know 
it, the first 'duck boat' was carrying the Celtics' mascot and cheerleaders 
(sorry, dance team) on a boat blaring Baba O'Riley.  Talk about a 
excitement.  The crowd was going nuts.  Now, they could have come along with 
no music at all and they would have been nuts, but the fact they chose that 
song just shows you what The Who's music has become.  As Jon said, it's not 
just 'classic' anymore, it's the new *classical*!


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