And each episode starts with The Who...

Thu Jun 19 12:56:40 CDT 2008

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> Mellancamp is now well established and can do as he pleases with what is  
> his 
> personal property just like Pete can.

hey, y know, agreed. 

>> That's what's great about artists that make real music. Sooner or later it 

>> will be found out. But it took a lot of Red and White to get noticed and 
>> just happens to be my favorite color combination. The fact is though is 
>> Icky Thump is a great album. But not greater than The Raconteurs' latest: 
>> Consolers Of The Lonely, which is my favorite of any of them. Talk about 
>> publicity! They released it with absolutely none. Not even to the media.

yeah, I know.  don't have the album yet, but it's on my ever evolving list as 
money becomes tighter and tighter by the second. 

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