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Thu Jun 19 12:51:38 CDT 2008

>I know that CD sales dosen't have anything to do with a band's  popularity 
>such and such, but if you look at it from a business  sense, the main reason 
>to "keep the band's music alive in the public's  eyes" is to make money and 
>sell. heck, why do you think mellencamp  allowed "this is our country" to be 
>in those car ads? to help sell  the album. duh?! 
Mellancamp is now well established and can do as he pleases with what is  his 
personal property just like Pete can. And does.  I'm glad that others  can be 
reminded that there is such a thing as Who music.  I love how  it booms at 
the beginning of those shows.  It's great!

>I've also mentioned the white stripes' last album which didn't have a  huge 
>publicity thing behind it and yet it became their highest charted  album to 
That's what's great about artists that make real music. Sooner or  later it 
will be found out.  But it took a lot of Red and White to get  noticed and that 
just happens to be my favorite color combination. The fact is  though is that 
Icky Thump is a great album.  But not greater than The  Raconteurs' latest: 
Consolers Of The Lonely, which is my favorite of any of  them.  Talk about no 
publicity!  They released it with absolutely  none.  Not even to the media.
So that's my job. 
They open shows with the new stuff and it knocks heads off.  Enjoy...
_YouTube - The  Raconteurs - Bonnaroo - Consoler of the Lonely_ 
Jon in Mi

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