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> >like that "charge" organ riff at baseball games.
> But, you're not a sports fan?

I USED to be a baseball fan when I was like 3 or 4.  but even a non-sports 
fan knows about those kinds of things if they watch TV shows that make sports 
references now and then. 

>> I assure you there are hundreds of bands out there, and many of them top >>
 bands/performers of all time, that wish their music was out there on the 
waves on >> such a regular such a huge global audience.

that's why the smashing pumpkins sued virgin for allowing their name and 
music to be used in promotion deals and such. not just because it was "illegal" 
but because it would hurt the band's credibility with their fans. 

that's also why springsteen to this day has refused to let his music be used 
in adverts and the such. 

I know that CD sales dosen't have anything to do with a band's popularity and 
such and such, but if you look at it from a business sense, the main reason 
to "keep the band's music alive in the public's eyes" is to make money and 
sell. heck, why do you think mellencamp allowed "this is our country" to be used 
in those car ads? to help sell the album. duh?! 

dosen't do much because I don't think the mellencamp album sold that well 
anyway, but springsteen's did pretty good. 

I've also mentioned the white stripes' last album which didn't have a huge 
publicity thing behind it and yet it became their highest charted album to date. 

go ahead kev. I've dealt with you before. hit me with yer best shot! ; )

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