And each episode starts with The Who...

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Thu Jun 19 12:12:38 CDT 2008

>And each episode starts with The Who..
>> Well, when you go to a sporting event and Baba O'Riley plays on the PA
>> system, it sure gets the crowd pumped for some reason.  Witness the start of
><the 4th quarter of the NBA Finals game 6 last night!
>I'm not a sports person, sorry.


>it just so happens to be the perfect song to get a crowd pumped up.

"It just so happens" ?
Yeah, like somehow it just happens, and there's no other meaning or social aspect that drives that.

>like that "charge" organ riff at baseball games.

But, you're not a sports fan?

>and yes, 'we will rock you", "rock n' roll part 2" etc.  but queen CDs weren't
>flying off the shelves because of that

What happened to your philosophy that musicians make music not for the money (not that I agreed with that)?
In this case, my point was, that their music lives on.
This doesn't just happen.
It is driven by *US*, the societies that are exposed to it.
Marketers use The Who's music for a reason.  We like it.  We want it.  We can't get enough of it.
And, in turn, it helps fuel The Who's lasting popularity, regardless the level that said popularity may currently be in.
CD sales is not the only measure of a bands success, to paraphrase your own words used some time ago.


I assure you there are hundreds of bands out there, and many of them top bands/performers of all time, that wish their music was out there on the waves on such a regular such a huge global audience.
You can't deny that (although I'm sure you'll try).

Kevin in VT

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