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"I always loved Keith Moon, and I love the music of the Who," Myers
said. "Keith Moon redefined drumming. And he's a composer ... he didn't
just keep time, although that's no small thing. He kept time and he
interacted with [Who frontman] Roger Daltrey. ... His life is just so
colorful and fascinating."

For Myers, tackling the wild child of one of rock's most
important bands might be the most significant challenge of his career.
"His name is Moon, and a moon is a non-self-luminous object," Myers
said. "It requires sunlight of others in order to be seen. If there's
no sun, the moon is invisible. And the script so far is about how
important it is to ... be your own star and not be a moon, ironically.
It becomes a cautionary tale of drugs. I mean, they are not the answer,
and in this movie you see how not the answer they are." 

 -Brian in Atlanta
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