The Who Show pre-VH1 show 7/11/08 in Santa Monica, CA

Joel Pelletier joelp at
Wed Jun 11 00:58:10 CDT 2008

The Who Show is a Los Angeles-based WHO tribute band. We instigated 
the 2006 QUAD live theatrical show, which used the band onstage as a 
centerpiece for the story (Pete has OK'd the production to premier in 
London on 5/15/09). Roger has called our drummer France DiCarlo "the 
reincarnation of Keith Moon," and KIDS ARE ALRIGHT director Jeff 
Stein (who shot our 2007 promo video) says he freaked out over how 
uncannily I resemble, play and perform like John Entwistle (which was 
quite the compliment, gave me a warm fuzzy)! Our new singer Jim 
Ferguson is creating quite a stir with bookers throughout the 
country, and is featured on our latest performance video on our 
website, MySpace, YouTube, and many other music video sites.

In honor of The Who's July 12th performance here in Los Angeles, we 
are performing the evening before for Who fans travelling into town 
from all over the world at a Santa Monica club called 14 Below 
( With the help of Jeff Stein we are also 
looking into booking an aftershow party on July 12th somewhere in the 
Hollywood area.

THE WHO SHOW performing live
July, 11 2008, 11PM @ 14Below!
1348 14th St, Santa Monica, California 90401 (just up the street from UCLA)

In the end, we are nothing more than huge Who fans with a bit too 
much time (and some musical and theatrical skills) on our hands, and 
can think of no other way to honor Pete and the band's music than to 
keep it alive, for ourselves AND for the audiences that attend our 
shows (but, truth be told, I get the best seat in the house every 
time I play, that's the best part for me). We hope Who fans from 
around the world can come celebrate with us the night before the big 
VH1 Honors concert!

Joel Pelletier, bassist for
The Who Show

PS - I included my phone number so any of you who arrive in Los 
Angeles for the shows can contact me directly - I DO want to meet as 
many of you as possible! See you in the nose-bleed seats at Pauley 

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