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Honeybee28 at comcast.net Honeybee28 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 4 08:45:17 CDT 2008

Many Roger girlz trace their infatuation with the movie TOMMY. I fell right in love with him watching a press conference announcing the 25th anniversary tour. (Thank you, MTV.)

10 years to the day later I saw TOMMY, and I just cried. Roger was at his most angelically beautiful, that the tears just fell. 


 >Fave album: Tommy (which is how I got into the Who - after seeing the film 
>and falling in love with Rog! Trite but true, wot can I say?? I had enough 
>common sense to buy the original album. Never ever bought the soundtrack! I 
>remember LOVING Tommy- the album -as a kid when it came out too). I love 
>Quad as a very close second.

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