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Stephen Fairbairn seeker at elkvalley.net
Mon Jun 2 22:49:20 CDT 2008

Arthur Brown.... boy do I remember in the late 1960's (69???) rockin'  
out (as it were) to "Fire"  ...."and I bring you fire...na na na....  

maybe my love of alternative goes back further than I thought....

Steve in Canada.

On 2-Jun-08, at 1:12 PM, Joe Lewinski wrote:

>>  Alan wrote:
> And he's almost certainly talking about Arthur Brown (The Crazy World
> of...), who if memory serves was signed to Track
>  and did indeed live in Austin around that time period (1989). I  
> saw him
> in Austin, without realizing who he was,
>  in 1994 at a poster-signing held by Tom Wright.
> Yes, Arthur Brown is the name Pete mentions....  I do not have the
> banter that includes the "Big 0ick Entwistle...",
> but the Radio City show was Westwood One, and the copy I have on CD  
> was
> from Mark Leaman and I believe
> he Frankensteined both concerts together to include the cover of Hey
> Joe, for my namesake.   Perhaps that song
> is from an entirely different tour, as the Radio City version I had on
> tape did not have that in the set....
> That's all I have at the moment.
> Joe in Philly
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