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The album is available to download for free.  Go to the album's web site, click on "Music", then right click on each of the seven songs and click on "Save Target As".  What a deal!
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...The unseen figure in this story of intense creative activity is
Townshend. He's only a few miles away in Richmond, but beyond dropping
by to provide technical help and make the odd cup of tea, he's
essentially banned. "He's a huge inspiration," says Fuller. "He grew up
backstage at holiday camps following his musician dad around, so when
he got up on a stage he was totally natural. For me, it's always
terrifying. He respects the fact that I'm classically trained and I
respect the fact that he's self-taught. I can't play rock'n'roll for
shit, but then he can't read music."...

...It's time for Fuller to get back to writing on the
walls, and writing songs. There's not much time left. Soon it will be
finished and she'll be returning to Townshend. Has he missed her? "I
think he's missed his little dog more." 

-Brian in Atlanta
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