Fan finds Daltrey's passport in a shop

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Thu Jul 31 06:17:25 CDT 2008

>From the Daily Express:

Thursday July 31,2008 
WAS recently confirmed that The Who’s world tour will go ahead in
October after Pete Townshend finally committed to the extravaganza.Now it turns out that another possible hitch has been avoided, thanks to an eagle-eyed radio listener.

Lisa Gillespie got more than she bargained for when she popped in to
bargain store Budgens for some groceries and picked up superstar Roger
Daltrey’s passport instead.

40-year-old was visiting the branch of the supermarket in Maidstone,
Kent, when she spotted the document on the floor.

Wondering how she could get it back to The Who frontman, she contacted
Virgin Radio’s Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show and appealed for help.

Lisa says: “If I could get a message to him, I would say that I didn’t
mean to cause such a stir. I just wanted to get the passport back to
him so he could go on tour in America. 

contacted Virgin Radio because I know Christian is friends with Roger
from some charity work they did together and he’s not the easiest
person to contact. I couldn’t just call 192 and ask for Roger Daltrey!”

Producers of the show thought it might be a hoax but when the passport
arrived there they checked the numbers with the rock star’s office and
found it was the genuine article, bearing the name Roger Harry Daltrey,
the star’s picture and stamps from all over the world.

Before delivering the passport back to a much-relieved Roger, 64,
Christian challenged listeners to guess where it was discovered, with
answers including a Take That concert, Legoland and the toilets at
Luton Airport.

“We still don’t know why he was in Budgens but we do know that Roger
Harry Daltrey will be a pensioner and get a bus pass next year – let’s
hope he doesn’t lose that as well,” comments Christian.

“Richard Hammond is doing the Morrison’s adverts now. Maybe Budgens
needs to give Roger a call. One of our listeners trusts us more than
the police, which makes me proud, but crikey, is that a good thing?”

 -Brian in Atlanta
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