U2 (with a tiny bit of Who)

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Mon Jul 28 18:01:49 CDT 2008

U2 has just remastered & re-released their first three albums 
in double-disc format.  I picked up albums 1 & 2 -- BOY & 
OCTOBER.  (WAR can wait.)

They're packaged phenomenonally & include studio outtakes,
B-sides, live material, extensive liner notes,  rare pics, etc.

Ya' really gotta give it to U2.  Whether you like 'em or not.
They've been around for 30 years.  No line-up changes.  They've
recorded & toured steadily throughout their career.  They've
maintained a sense of integrity, determination, intelligence, & 
focus (arguable, maybe).  They've been professionally & wisely

Shouldn't they now -- in 2008 -- be included in that pantheon
of "Top Tier" rock groups, which include The Beatles, The Rolling
Stones, The Who, & Led Zeppelin?  Or does that mean we have 
to include Rush, too?

I love early U2.  But I'm indifferent to the post-JOSHUA TREE 
stuff (like one of those Who fans who only likes the pre-TOMMY

Anyway....if you like early U2, grab some of these re-releases.

- SCHRADE in Akron

Interviewer:  So rather than identify yourself with the bands that
        came out of punk, what groups do you feel akin to?

Bono:  The Who.  Because of that three-dimensional quality:
        sexual, spiritual and political. 

(From Rolling Stone Magazine #512 - Nov. 5, 1987)

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