rumours of unrest in the who2 camp...

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Mon Jul 21 14:10:16 CDT 2008

If Pete doesn't get an album of new material recorded with this  
awesome live band they have he is truly a whack-job.

Quoting Stephen Fairbairn <seeker at>:

> A previous post made reference to the potential unhappiness between
> Roger and Pete and the set up for the tour-to-be.
> If it is true, and that the spat is over Pete wanting to play new
> music and Roger wanting to stick to the tried and true.....
> I side with Pete. I for one am tired of the greatest hits parade.
> Certainly they can -play a few of the better songs of Wire and Glass
> to add newness to the set list. Certainly they could also play some
> lesser played songs too....
> However, as a song writer, Pete just might want to show some of his
> craft to the public.
> Now, he could also choose to tour as 'Pete Townshend', but then he
> would not likely get the large audiences.... (I'd go see the show) In
> fact, I would be excited over a PT tour (maybe some White City work,
> some Psycho work.... lots of new and rarities???) where as I am not
> excited about another greatest hits rehash.
> If there is still something in 'The Who' machine beyond goobs of
> money off the backs of us, then play new songs. If not, then call the
> tour 'Its About The Money, Honey', and be done with the rest.
> Like I said a year and a half ago... Tea and Theatre was a neat way
> to say goodbye. To thank fans. To say so long.
> My vote is 'play new songs or stay home'.
> Steve
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