rumours of unrest in the who2 camp...

Stephen Fairbairn seeker at
Mon Jul 21 11:36:18 CDT 2008

A previous post made reference to the potential unhappiness between  
Roger and Pete and the set up for the tour-to-be.

If it is true, and that the spat is over Pete wanting to play new  
music and Roger wanting to stick to the tried and true.....

I side with Pete. I for one am tired of the greatest hits parade.  
Certainly they can -play a few of the better songs of Wire and Glass  
to add newness to the set list. Certainly they could also play some  
lesser played songs too....

However, as a song writer, Pete just might want to show some of his  
craft to the public.

Now, he could also choose to tour as 'Pete Townshend', but then he  
would not likely get the large audiences.... (I'd go see the show) In  
fact, I would be excited over a PT tour (maybe some White City work,  
some Psycho work.... lots of new and rarities???) where as I am not  
excited about another greatest hits rehash.

If there is still something in 'The Who' machine beyond goobs of  
money off the backs of us, then play new songs. If not, then call the  
tour 'Its About The Money, Honey', and be done with the rest.

Like I said a year and a half ago... Tea and Theatre was a neat way  
to say goodbye. To thank fans. To say so long.

My vote is 'play new songs or stay home'.


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