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sroundtable at aol.com sroundtable at aol.com
Sun Jul 20 20:30:09 CDT 2008

"There was some serious editing on the vh1.com version of Bargain, 
because Gaz Coombes vocals weren't embarrassing at all.? In the 
actual show he was blowing lyrics all over the place, despite the 
teleprompter at the back."

There is NO question that they did some overdubs or something for Bargain.? I was at the show (10th row center...seats were closer than 10th row at most concerts) and Gaz BUTCHERED the song as if he had never heard it before and certainly never rehearsed it with Foo Fighters.? It was an embarrassment.? Overall, the show was one of the loudest I have been too.? Most reviews have been correct: 1) Foo Fighters YMB was excellent, Bargain sucked. 2) Flaming Lips were forgettable. 3) Incubus was great on ICSFM and solid on ICE. 4) Pearl Jam was?AWESOME. 5) Pete was on his game and Rog had his moments.? Something pissed off Pete about the noise in his monitor that he stopped YBYB in the middle and they decided to restart it.? 2000 Years and Tea and Theatre were actually very strong.? Would have preferred Roger not get us excited by saying they would play Slip Kid.? 


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