"20 bad songs by good bands"

John pureneasy at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jul 19 10:28:57 CDT 2008

Alan, re

> > If it had been any other Who song, would you have been so
> > disappointed? I mean, for me, if it had been Love ain't for keeping, I 
> > would have heartily approved.
>   Aw...I can get along with that one OK.  But I suppose it's a good
>   thing that for almost every song on that list, I had either never
>   heard of it, or I agreed that it sucked.  

Which is almost the raison d'etre for these lists!

> > I do think it's interesting the dude figured out that "who" is repeated
> > more than 100 times...) and  "Kokomo", which I love.

That's one of my favourite Beach Boy tracks, too. Funny thing with the Beach
Boys is I love just about all of the singles up to and including Bluebirds
over the mountain (except Barbara Ann, I've never liked that song), but find
myself unable to listen to an album of theirs (including Pet Sounds). 


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