Roger Sings MG At Joel's Final Shea Gig

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And Billy Joel smashes guitar  during Roger's MG!!!
Billy Joel's Last Play At  Shea
Friday, Jul 18, 2008  10:31PM 
_Billy Joel_ 
(  bade a stirring farewell to Shea Stadium on Friday during  an 
electrifying, sold-out final show at the same ballpark where the Beatles  famously 
ushered in a new era in rock 'n' roll four decades ago.
He was joined by  an all-star lineup of friends including _Paul McCartney_ 
( , who 
told Joel, "Came here a long time ago. We had a blast  that night and we're 
having another one tonight."
"Good evening, Shea  Stadium. Is this cool or what?" Joel told the crowd at 
the New York Mets' home  field, which is to be razed after the baseball season 
to make way for a new  stadium across the street.
"They're gonna be tearing  this place down, but I wanna thank you ... for 
letting me do the best job in the  world," he said.
The show paid homage to  Shea's baseball glories, with Mets highlights 
playing on jumbo screens during  "Zanzibar."
But the concert also was a  mark of the stadium's place in music history.
The show came 43 years  after the Beatles' legendary show at Shea - the first 
concert at the ballpark.  The concert came at the height of Beatlemania and 
demonstrated the sheer power  of rock 'n' roll and the Beatles: 55,000 
screaming fans at a U.S. ballpark was  virtually unheard-of at the time, and the show 
gave the Fab Four even more  cachet among the Beatle-crazed American public.
Joel has always strongly  embraced his New York and Long Island roots, and 
that makes for memory-making  concerts every time he plays in the city. Throngs 
of fans know his music so well  they can pretty much take over any chorus they 
And as if the "Piano Man"  playing the last concert at Shea wasn't thrilling 
enough, high-wattage guests  turned up the excitement level.
_Tony Bennett_ 
(  sang "New York State of Mind" with Joel on Friday, _Aerosmith's_ 
_Steven Tyler_ 
(  performed "Walk This Way," and _Roger Daltrey_ 
(  of _The Who_ 
(   did "My 
Generation. At the end of "My Generation," Joel smashed a guitar against  the 
stage, breaking it in two.
McCartney came on at the  end. He sang "I Saw Her Standing There" while on 
guitar and "Let It Be" on piano  - the last song of the night. Joel sat on top 
of piano and sang backup.
_Garth Brooks_ 
(  appeared on stage earlier wearing a Mets jersey, and in the  
audience, one of Joel's famous fans - ex-wife Christie Brinkley - sang along,  
word for word, to the chorus of "She's Always a Woman."
During the first  installment of Joel's "Last Play at Shea" on Wednesday, 
_John Mellencamp_ 
(  came on stage to perform his hit "Pink Houses," and _Don Henley_ 
underscored the baseball theme with his standard "Boys of  Summer."
The Beatles and baseball shared the spotlight at the concerts. Joel played 
three  Beatles songs ("A Hard Day's Night," "Please, Please Me" and "She Loves 
You")  during Wednesday's set, and introduced his signature "Piano Man" with 
"Take Me  Out to the Ballgame." He also played the national anthem to start the  
"I  want to thank the Beatles for letting us use their room. Best band that 
ever  was, best band that ever will be," Joel told fans Wednesday.
Diane Gentile saw the  Beatles play at Shea in 1966 - their second visit to 
the stadium after the  historic show a year earlier. Her recollection of that 
summer night 42 years  ago: "Oh, my God, there are the Beatles on that stage, 
and here am I."
"It was  unbelievable. It was exciting; you could feel the electricity. Right 
before the  concert we were singing `Happy Anniversary' to John because his 
anniversary was  that day," Gentile recalled.
On Friday, Gentile was back  at Shea to watch Joel for what she predicted 
would be the best concert she'll  ever see. - Associated Press 

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