Page Six looks at The Who's demands

Alan McKendree amck at
Fri Jul 18 13:45:40 CDT 2008

>  >> THE Who's upcoming tour is expected to garner the legendary  band a cool
>  >> $100 million,
>>Not bad for, what,  a dozen shows?  This can't be right, can it?

1)  it's from the NY Post, a rag of about National Enquirer status.

2)  I'm thinking the Japan shows are paying huge amounts.

>Yeah, I was thinking that. Since  that insider said they're 'trying to  book
>more shows so that the North American part goes through  2009' before Japan,

They've already booked 4 shows in Japan in November.  They'd have to 
reschedule all of them to play them AFTER a US tour that went into 
2009.  Seems unlikely.

>they must be getting greedy.  They must want a billion.

Well, I think greed gets a bum rap.  But besides that, scheduling 
more shows in the US wouldn't get them to the next level, 
financially.  They'd have to hit the wealthy, exotic  countries where 
they've rarely played before, like Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, 
Qatar, etc.

>Jon in Mi

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