Seeking Advice! - Who tickets for NJ - Pato

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Fri Jul 18 12:09:03 CDT 2008


I saw The Who in 2006 at MSG.  I paid $250 for a scalped ticket outside 
the venue
for row 3 directly in front of Pete.   The ticket turned out to be a 
fake.   I was fortunate
that it was not confiscated, but I was denied access to the arena.   I 
quickly paid another
$50 to someone for another ticket high up in the rafters.   I gained 
entrance with the
2nd ticket because it would be accepted by the bar-code scanner at the gate.

Then I used the fake, row 3 ticket to gain access to the floor once the 
lights went down
and The Who hit the stage (I waited by the concession stands during the 
band's performance and scoped the floor seats to see if I was going to 
put somebody
out if I sat in their seat.)

When I arrived at row 3, there were 12 seats available.   Slowly they 
filled up, but a few
to my right never did, so people just moved down 1 seat and all was good.  

I don't recommend this as a habit, because I was nervous the entire show 
about being
tossed, and I didn't want to be a @ick to the people around me that paid 
for a seat
that I was sitting in.    I was ready to vacate as soon as the rightful 
owner made a claim.

I would be very cautious about buying scalped tickets unless you can compare
the printing, paper stock, and every detail to a real ticket.

Hopefully you'll get good seats during the pre-sale.   The first few 
rows will be hard
to get unless you get lucky or pay big bucks.   You can always move up 
during the
show for a few songs and if you have friends / assets in place you may 
be able
to *visit* their seats for a few songs, or stay the entire show if 
things work out.

Go to pre-show gatherings, make friends with other fans that might want to
share their up-close experience with you.   Buy them a few beers and all 
shall be well.

Good luck!

Joe in Philly

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