VH1 Rock - Honors The Who

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Fri Jul 18 11:48:26 CDT 2008

Jon wrote:

 > What I kept thinking is that although these bands did a good job of 
reproducing the energy of the past,
 it was four men in the past that actually invented this way of playing 
rock music in the first place.

Exactly!  I was mentioning that to my son as one of the bands was 
playing (Foos or Incubus) and
mentioned that The Who did that with 1 guitarist, 1 bassist, 1 
drummer.   This band, I don't know
which one had everybody within 10 feet of the stage whacking away at a 
guitar (Okay, I exaggerate.)

 > I would add to what Adam Sandler sang when he said behind those blue 
eyes was a big-ass brain.
It takes more than a big brain to write the songs that Pete wrote.
There's something much deeper going on there.

I loved that line.   I'll add that Pete plainly out-worked his peers.   
Maybe he was trying to compensate
for his poor self-image, but his talents, which are many would not have 
ruled the day if is wasn't
for his hard work, ambition, and willingness to take risks.

I just read the comment about the 100 million dollar tour and the part 
where Roger only wants to
sing the old songs and Pete wants to perform newer material.    This is 
evidence that Pete is
still at it.  He is trying to keep it fresh and comfortable for where 
he's at today.  The older songs
were appropriate for the time when they were written.    He's bored with 
them, and I can't
blame him.

Roger needs to pay attention to this part of Pete's psyche.  Roger better
get on board, because the Pete train is about to leave the station again.  

Joe in Philly

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