VH1 Rock - Honors The Who

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Fri Jul 18 09:04:37 CDT 2008

>>  However, it was a bit difficult for me to watch/hear  was the obvious 
aging of Roger's voice.
(and say)

>You gotta give it to Roger though, he does not mail it in.    He sounded 
>good to me on everything.
>T&T was proof that this  guy still has it.   No wall of sound to hide 
>behind on that  one.
I agree.  That was very good. 
I watched this as if I'd never seen the Who to get a feel for what others  
might think as compared to the younger bands that did such a great job. (I  like 
how Roger showed his appreciation) But then the part of me that has  seen the 
Who many times thought about the Roger I'd seen in the past. He's 64,  but in 
songs like WAY he sounded more like 54 than 34.  The songs demand so  much.
This is such an important band. There just wasn't another band like  them.  
The comments from many showed the respect they deserve.
What I kept thinking is that although these bands did a good job of  
reproducing the energy of the past, it was four men in the past that actually  
invented this way of playing rock music in the first place.
I would add to what Adam Sandler sang when he said behind those blue eyes  
was a big-ass brain.  It takes more than a big brain to write the songs  that 
Pete wrote.  There's something much deeper going on there.
All GOOD rock bands owe the Who.
Jon in Mi.

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