VH1 Rock - Honors The Who

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Fri Jul 18 08:42:47 CDT 2008

Jon wrote:

 > Kevin, you just summed up most of my feelings about the show last 
night. Great post.

I agree.   It was a great night to be a Who fan!

 >I REALLY liked Foo Fighters. Man, did they ever rock! I agree about 
Adam Sandler too.

My son is a big Foo fan and a Who fan.   They rocked with YMB.   I loved 
how Tyler Hawkins
sang the bridge on Bargain while keeping his beat and stroking the 
cymbals at the same time.
They did a nice job.

Pearl Jam just nailed it.  Eddie and the boys took this job seriously.   
Who music is in good hands.

I think they should have had some Who cover bands on stage for a few 
obscure songs for the DVD.
These guys don't get the exposure that they should.  

 >  However, it was a bit difficult for me to watch/hear was the obvious 
aging of Roger's voice.
You gotta give it to Roger though, he does not mail it in.   He sounded 
good to me on everything.
T&T was proof that this guy still has it.   No wall of sound to hide 
behind on that one.

 > But what got me excited was seeing how I can get on Facebook and 
upload my face over
 > Pete's face in the Shepperton video! Jon in Mi

Uhh, yeah.   That's just creepy, innit!    That's creepy like making 
love to some girl who's
wearing a Richard Nixon mask.... (Okay Scottt - have at it)!

Joe in Philly

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