The album for single, ugly dudes

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Jul 17 15:27:24 CDT 2008

>>>OK.  It seems to only happen when posts are sent to both O&S and
>>>here simultaniously.  I just read them on O&S.
> Bruce's posts come through fine to me.  I don't remember seeing any blank
> ones.
> Have you checked to see how they look in the IGTC archives, Bruce?
> Jim M

My posts are fine.  I checked the last several days and it is only two 
people's posts I don't always get  Brian Cady and JOELTLE515.  The kicker is 
sometime I DO get them other times not?  JOELTLE515 posts are only to this 
list and Brian's are normally to multiple lists.  I also on occasion get 
double blanks posts from JOELTLE515.  These two are a yahoo and aol email 
which others on the list have that I have no problems with.   Just some 
quirk in how my email handles them I guess?


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