Who the F*ck Are You Not to Love the Who

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Nicely said by this reviewer! Thanks Jon ;)
Mike S
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>"That Townshend and Daltrey are managing to do so at this  point  in
>history -- and at their ages -- is remarkable. After  all, this is  a
>band that understandably seemed to lose the plot  after Keith  Moon's
>death in 1978 and arguably should have faced  the fact that the  song was
>permanently over after the loss of  John Entwistle in Las Vegas  in 2002.
>I happen to review the Who's  first appearance following  Entwistle's
>death for Rolling Stone  and walked into the Hollywood Bowl  that night a
>cynic and walked  out a believer in the Who again." David  Wild

-Just in case  anybody missed that.

Jon in Mi.


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